#Cryogenics | Applications

#Liebherr | Hydrogen combustion excavator prototype, the R 9XX H2 | Infrared communication between the excavator and the refuelling station | Suitable for extreme temperatures, shock and dust-intensive site operations | Intake manifold injection technology (PFI)

#NASA | Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) | Liquid oxygen and hydrogen based system giving Orion in space push to fly beyond Moon

#Heliogen | AI.controlled concentrating solar thermal technology with long-duration thermal energy storage

#Airliquide | Gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health

#Oxford Cryosystems | Cryogenic devices

#Mathesongas | Gas solutions

#Seam | Software for getting the most out renewable assets and matching marketplaces

#Hyosung | Creating value for customers

#GE | Aerospace

#Plug Power | 1 MW electrolyser uses electricity and water to produce hydrogen | Amazon hydrogen production system powering 400 hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts at fulfillment centre | Fueling more than 225 hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts at the site in Aurora, Colorado | Hydrogen produced by the electrolyser compressed on site and stored in a gaseous hydrogen storage tank | Replacing batteries in forklifts in more than 80 fulfillment centres in North America | Exploring opportunities in locations where more renewable electricity is generated than site need, to use that surplus electricity to produce and store hydrogen on site | Model avoids emissions generated in liquifying and transporting hydrogen from one site to another

#Applied Cryo Technologies | Cryogenic equipment that for the LNG market

#Chart Industries | Cryogenic product portfolio used in every phase of the liquid gas supply chain | Cryogenic Tank Solutions for distribution & storage of liquid gases including LN2, O2, CO2, Ar, He, H2

#Kawasaki | Energy Solution & Marine Engineering

#HyGear | Industrial Gases

#Nikkiso | Cryogenic Industries Group

#Itochu | Trading

#Port Of Hastings | LH2 shipment

#KHI | Cryotech

#JAXA | Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

#Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project

#MAN | Energy Solutions

#Praxair | Industrial gases

#H2OK | IoT enabled analytics platform

#Woodside | Development of the LNG industry in Australia

#Wesbart | Cryogenic Storage

#Royal Society Of Chemistry

#Shinshu Research Initiative For Supra Materials In Nagano Japan

#Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Solar Panel Collecting Moisture In The Air

#Uniper | Power

#Fortum | Energy company

#Perstorp | Specialty chemicals

#SSAB | Steel manufacturer

#Neste | IPCEI status for Porvoo refinery hydrogen projects by the European Commission | Clean hydrogen projects at Porvoo refinery

#Ilmatar | Energy company

#Aurelia Turbines | Manufactures highly efficient gas turbines

#Wartsila | Manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets

#P2X | Power to X

#Woikoski | Gas industry

#HySTOC | Technology for Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

#DEUTZ | Producing energy from hydrogen | Joint project with RheinEnergie

#NIST | Cryogenic materials

#RheinEnergie | Producing energy from hydrogen | Joint project with DEUTZ

#National Snow and Ice Data Center | NSIDC | Cryosphere research

#University of Bath | Cryogenic material

#Master Bond | Cryogenic adhesives, sealants and coatings

#NFCC | Hazard Cryogenic materials

#Airbus | Sustainable aerospace

#Kentucky University | Cryogenic Materials Safety

#Suiso Frontier | LH2 Transport Vessel

#HyTouch | Kobe LH2 Terminal

#DClimate | Climate network

#University Of Namibia | Hydrogen research

#Hydrogen UA | Hydrogen energy association

#Ukrhydroenergo | Using hydropower facilities for hydrogen generation

#Naftogaz | National oil and gas company of Ukraine

#Office For Hydrogen Diplomacy In Kyiv By Germany

#Germany Hydrogen Council | Hydrogen energy association

#CmsLaw | Law and tax experts

#European Clean Hydrogen Alliance | Hydrogen Alliance

#Ministry Of Energy Of Ukraine | Hydrogen energy in Ukraine

#Ministry Of Environmental Protection And Natural Resources | Hydrogen and sustainability

#Green Fund | Funding for hydrogen

#Ballard | Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy | ESG

#HYDROGENi | Research

#SINTEF | Energy Research

#Norwegian University Of Science And Technology | Research

#Nel Hydrogen | Supply Clean, On Demand Hydrogen With Alkaline & PEM Electrolysers

#Hydrogen UK | Trade association

#UK Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Association

#BP | Energy company

#Shell UK | Explores and produces energy products

#Storengy | Natural gas storage

#ItmPower | Manufactures PEM electrolysers

#NwHydrogenAlliance | North West Hydrogen Alliance

#Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research | SCAR | Southern Ocean | Antarctic Circumpolar Current | International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS)

#Edf Energy | Supplies gas and electricity in UK

#Repsol | Energy and petrochemical company based in Madrid, Spain

#GreenH2Atlantic | Hydrogen production and distribution equipment

#JCB | Hydrogen combustion engine | Construction equipment | Combustion engine fuelled by hydrogen | Fuel cells too expensive, too complicated, not robust enough for construction and agricultural equipment | Hydrogen combustion engines leverage diesel engine technology and components, do not require rare earth elements | Combustion technology already well proven on construction and agricultural equipment | Mobile refuelling bowser to take the fuel to the machines

#easyJet | Hydrogen power | Hydrogen provides much more power per kilogram than batteries | Aircrafts need to be redesigned | Liquid hydrogen takes up about four times as much space as the kerosene | Rolls Royce | European Marine Energy Centre in the Orkney Islands

#SpaceX | Space exploration

#Gold Hydrogen | Natural hydrogen exploration

#Provaris Energy | GH2 Carrier | American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) | Norwegian Hydrogen AS | Tiwi H2

#Natural Hydrogen Energy (NH2E) | Drilling directly for natural hydrogen

#HyTerra | Exploring for natural hydrogen by drilling wells in prospective regions | Project Geneva in Nebraska, USA

#H2EX | Exploring for naturally occurring hydrogen | Contributing towards global decarbonisation with renewable natural hydrogen | Developing a portfolio of leads and prospects of NH2 |Larger volumes to be exported via H2 export facilities on the Eyre Peninsula coast

#REPowerEU | Floating LNG terminals | LNG Acceleration Act

#Cryostar | Cryogenic equipment | Crypgenic services | Liquid Hydrogen transfer pumps | LH2 trailers | LH2 ISO containers | LH2 wagons

#Accelera | Building a new green energy economy | Clean energy technology | Hydrogen engines and fuel cells as complimentary power sources

#Plug Power | End-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem — from production, storage and delivery to energy generation

#U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) | Energy Earthshots Initiative

#Taylor Machine Works | Heavy industrial lift equipment manufacturer | Integrating Cummins 6.7-litre and 15-litre hydrogen engines into Taylor product line | Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (H2ICE) I Zero-carbon fuelled solution

#Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) | Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover | Long haul transportation | Hydrogen-fuelled heavy transport vehicle | Zero-carbon | Hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) powered side-lift waste removal truck | Taurus 220Kw 6X4 prime mover to beverage giant PepsiCo Australia | Range of more than 600km while producing zero emissions | 15 minutes refuelling | Cabin designed for long haul driving | Components from from Hendrikson, Dana, CATL, Eaton and Jost | Taurus on the road in 9 months from time of order | Building Hydrogen Highway | Producing Hydrogen at multiple plants across Australia | Targeting green economy globally, Asia-Pacific (APAC)